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Al-Quran Digital

Al-Quran Digital
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Model: IQRA777SH
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1. Complete Holy Qur’an:

2 Full Holy Quran (114 Surahs,6236verses)

3 High Quality Voice Audio

4 Holy Quran text in authentic and beautiful Uthmanic fonts licensed by Harf
   Information Technologies

5 Display of Holy Qur’an Arabic text synchronized with voice recitation
Display the quran text in 28 Languages translations: English, English( Pickthall), English(Shakir), English(Yousuf), English(Latin),French, Italian, Dutch, German, Persian, Uygur, Urdu, Arabic, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spainish, Portuguese, Japanese, korean, Swahili(African), Hausa(African), Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Malay. )

² Two famous recitations for your choice: 1)by Sheikh Saoud Al-Shuraim&Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais,2)by Sheikh Ali Abdul Rahman Al-Hudhaify 

² Quick searching and book marking facility of surah and verse

2. Riyadh As-Saliheen:

² Famous collection of Hadith about Islamic manner & behavior

² Auto scroll in Arabic text

3. Tafseer Al-Jalalian:

² Complete Tasfseer of Holy Qur’an in Arabic text with auto scroll facility

4.ibn kathir(Arbic)

4. Salat Time:

² Automatic azan alarm 

² Show Salat times and Qibla directions for more than 200 countries and 3,200 cities worldwide

² Set Adhan sound as prayer time alarm

5. Qibla Direction:

² Qibla direction indicator

² Show Qibla directions for more than 200 countries and 3,200 cities worldwide

6. Du’aa:

² The Du’aa text is displayed on the screen in synchronized with Voice recitation which was recited by Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Hudhaify

names of Allah

Duaa khatmul quran by Al-Sudais

By As-Shuraim

By ArRefai

By Al-Ajmi


7. Calendar:

² The Gregorian calendar and hijri convert facility

8. Set-up:

² You can opt any language as you need, select menu langue(english,turkey,indonesian,chinese), recitation voices as well as LCD brightness and contrast


Technical Features:

² Large and brilliant LCD display Back-light facility for night use

² LCD is matrix-screen 160*105 and size:58*38(mm)

² Easy and quick search any Verse and Surah , automatic saved after shutdown

² Built-in speaker, Headphone jack and AC Adapter jack 

² Recitation speed conrolled in 3 steps(normal, fast and slow) 

² Case available in two colors now: green and black

² Size: 108*70*10.5(mm)

² Weight:100g(not including batteries)

² Earphone:5Mw(frequency:200HZ-20KHZ)

² Battery: LR03 1.5V AAA Size 2 ea, DC 3

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Al-Quran Digital
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